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Anna Lempart     Research or Laboratory Scientist 
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Anna Lempart published an article in July 2018.
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Mariusz Dudziak

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Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Energy and EnvironmentalEngineering, Konarskiego 18,44-100 Gliwice, Poland

Edyta Kudlek

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Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Konarskiego 18a, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

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Article 0 Reads 0 Citations Concentration profiles of Personal Care Products in swimming pools Anna Lempart, Edyta Kudlek, Mariusz Dudziak Published: 03 July 2018
E3S Web of Conferences, doi: 10.1051/e3sconf/20184400095
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Article 4 Reads 1 Citation The impact of the circulation system on the concentration level of micropollutants in the swimming pool water treatment ... Anna Lempart, Edyta Kudlek, Mariusz Dudziak, Artur Szyguła Published: 01 April 2018
Inżynieria Ekologiczna, doi: 10.12912/23920629/86051
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CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 15 Reads 1 Citation Determination of micropollutants in solid and liquid samples from swimming pool systems Anna Lempart, Edyta Kudlek, Mariusz Dudziak Published: 16 November 2017
Proceedings, doi: 10.3390/ecws-2-04946
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The present study investigated the occurrence of selected micropollutants including emerging contaminants (mainly pharmaceuticals and personal care products - PPCPs) in selected swimming pool systems. The study area was selected based on the lack of available information regarding the suspected contamination of swimming pools water by PPCPs. The variety and concentration of chemical compounds in these aquatic systems can be quite diversified, presenting a challenge in terms of both purification and quality control. Determination of PPCPs requires very sensitive analytical methods that make it possible to confirm the presence of tested compounds in a complex organic extract. In this field, GC-MS gas chromatography can be used. This system enables to perform Selected Ion Monitoring, which reduces the detection limits of the investigated analyte.

This paper aims at presentation of analytical methods and strategies adapted to obtain information on the composition and characteristics of water in swimming pool systems with consideration sediments occurred there. There are three types of samples that can be taken from a swimming pool installation: water from pool basin, sediment from the bottom of pool basin and washings from cleaning the filter beds in filtration systems. The individual sample preparation methodology including solid phase extraction was developed for each type of sample.